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Atco 14" Light 1952

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Can anyone offer advice on how to remove the kick start which seems to require to be removed to get the flywheel off to replace the coil in the magneto?

Regards, Phillip



Kenny911 Fri, 27/10/2023

Remove nut from shaft which goes through the kick start. Gently tap shaft through as to release the kick start which should just drop. Take photos as your going to check when re-assemble 

Phillippain Wed, 01/11/2023

Thanks Kenny that's really helpful and now done. Think the Villiers coil is faulty, open circuit, so now I'll hopefully be able to remove it!!


Regards, Phillip


Kenny911 Wed, 01/11/2023

I have a 1955 Atco (Villiers) lawn mower & in the process of rebuilding it so i can use it. Problem now is that i still don't have a spark at the Plug. Just checked the point & again no spark so i'm going to renew the points as well as the condenser.

That should be it as nothing else to renew !

Any assisitance/guidance would be much appricated  

Phillippain Thu, 16/11/2023

Hi Kenny

Mine is exactly the same so after a lot of fiddling about managed to remove the flywheel and back plate, then the coil came out

after removal of the screws and 2 grub screws. Being old cross head screws they can be difficult to remove so WD40 helps and I used an impact screwdriver being very careful not to crack the aluminium back plate.

I have ordered a new coil and condenser from Villiers so hope this works. The old coil was open circuit on my meter

Regards, Phillip