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Who makes the new mountfield engine

Are Mountfield engines made by Briggs and stratton?

I have noticed that new Mountfield mowers are being sold with their own engine. They look the same as the briggs and stratton are they still making the engines and just placing Mountfield markings on or are they now made by Mountfield?

wristpin Sat, 10/05/2014

Someone, somewhere in China! Mountfield being part of Global Garden Products (GGP) may well have their own manufacturing facility in China as do MTD.

Have been reliably informed that the Chinese plant producing the Loncin engines available from several sources in the UK also manufactures for Honda and BMW.



hillsider Sun, 11/05/2014

The Mountfield engines that I have seen both side valve and overhead valve versions have been marked Sumec - Linhai and tend to lean towards Honda rather than Briggs and Stratton in appearance.  

dave1174 Sun, 11/05/2014

As far as I have heard most people bought Mountfield because of the Briggs and Stratto engine. Will be interesting to see if they remain as popular now they have changed supplier. Also wonder how finding parts will go.

wristpin Mon, 12/05/2014

Meanwhile Briggs are busy buying up mower manufacturers to retain their market !

So all those people who came into the shop saying that they had a Briggs and Stratton mower could be right in the future!

wristpin Mon, 12/05/2014

Generac, Snapper, Simplicity, Murray and Victa - that I know of.