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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

The Moore Mower

Was going through some old papers this morning and came across this brochure and press clipping for the Moore Mower that was designed and built by a retired director of Howard Rotavators in the late 90s. Some prototypes were built and shown to the trade but I don't know if it ever went into production.

This link may take a little time to load. Mower0001.pdf

hillsider Wed, 27/06/2012


Looks an interesting piece of kit I would like to think that there is one in storage somewhere waiting to be discovered.


wristpin Wed, 27/06/2012

I am fairly certain  that there were at least two prototypes produced  as I think that I can remember them being exhibited at the IOG Windsor show (now Saltex) but that is the last I heard of the Moore Mower. I seem to remember .that local (to me) firm Drake and Fletcher were talking about taking them on but Drake' s groundscare side was subsequently taken over by Lister Wilder so I doubt if anyone there will remember.     

hillsider Wed, 27/06/2012

Well you have given the knowledge tree a shake now we wait to see what falls out of it, perhaps one of our fellow members will have remember them also.



olcadmin Mon, 16/07/2012

A former member who didn't want to post on the forum contacted me over the weekend. He said that he recalls that the Moore mower was made for a short while by a company called Autoguide but there was never much interest and they stopped making them shortly afterwards.

wristpin Mon, 16/07/2012

Yes - have been in contact with Autoglide and they confirmed that production was moved from Suffolk to them and that a total of about 20 were made.

JP Bob Tue, 13/05/2014

I have a Moore Mower with both rotary deck and cylinder mower. Beautiful bit of kit. What do you need to know?

JP Bob Tue, 13/05/2014

I do have a Moore Mower with both cylinder and rotary decks. Great bit of kit. What do you need to know?

wristpin Wed, 14/05/2014

Thanks for your reply. , sending you a private message.