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Need advice on how to use bottom blade grinder

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Just took delivery of Atterton and Ellis bottom blade grinder, old model FH 1.  See attached photos.

do you just run the blade along top or side of stone. Any tips on how to keep blade steady.  Also looking for Ral colour code for Atco green paint.  Thanks and Happy New Year.


wristpin Sat, 13/01/2024

With the blade / bed knife mounted on the sole plate, the operator has to slide it past the grinding wheel , but with a degree of operator practice / skill  can do both the front and top edges. Some practice with a “ not too important” blade and a well dressed stone is worthwhile. Never used one myself but back in the 80s a nearby business had one but replaced it with an Atterton Anglemaster that needed less operator input to achieve an accurate and consistent result. 

Either way, a lot better than none , and to quote another forum contributor “ you wouldn’t sharpen one blade of a pair of scissors - would you ?”  Even after fitting a new blade / bed knife, I always give them a light skim and it’s amazing how many new blades , both oem and pattern , have the odd dip or bump . There again, not all sole plates are flat !