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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Ransomes Mowers Info required

Hello All

I have been contacted by Sue who lives in Ulverston (south Lakes) near Newby Bridge, Cumbria as looking to sell a couple of Ransomes mowers, they are a bit 'New' for me to identify as they are post 1930!!

I assume the big one is a Matador? Mag engine, looks a usable mower with box & trailing seat. The smaller one ? you tell me, looks to have box & some carrier wheels, so again probably a usable one.

Will add them to the classified section when you modern mower chaps can give some more info.Images below....



Clive1997 Thu, 11/02/2016

Thanks, Angus I new I could rely on you, now posted them on the classifieds for sale page with contact details, bit too far up for us Southerners.



wristpin Thu, 11/02/2016

I'm sure about the Mastiff, 30" I think but had to look twice at the Marquis as the transport wheels suggested that it was an Auto Certes. However the five bladed cutting cylinder and wooden front rollers  say Marquis, and on closer inspection it appears to be sitting on a home made transport trolley rather than having an extended land roll shaft..