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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Acto 18" power propelled rotary.

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Good evening all, I have recently bought this old lawnmower as I wanted a cheap petrol mower for my son as he refuses to use an electric mower in case he runs over the wire. Anyway when I went to look it over it started and ran just fine so I was very happy and took it home with me. Now as I'm a bit of a tinkerer I thought I'd check it over and I spotted a drop of fuel on the bottom of the carb so gave it a wiggle and jiggle then the little thing snapped off in my hand. I didn't get to upset as I was thinking it may need a new carb seeing as this 1 was leaking so I loaded up good old google to find my part and this is where it started and how I found you guys.
The only mower on the entire web like mine seems to belong to 1 of your members. The forum discussion was titled, " ATCO 'Power Propelled Rotary' 70's renovation project. Can anyone help?" And was back in 06/2016. It's from this that it seems i have picked up a but of a rare find. With that fact on board I feel this mower needs far more knowledge and experience than a tinkerer like myself can manage, so I would like to sell it on. This is where I could really use some help as I have no clue how much or the best place advertise or any clue about anything to be honest.
I have lots more pictures available if needs be. I also should add that there isn't a model number anywhere I've had a look over the entire thing and found some numbers on the engine in a couple of places and the carb make and model this being the only number that found anything in a search. I really have exhausted the net for info and your site has been very much the best so many thanks for being here.
Sorry to run on. It would be fantastic to get a response but I know life is busy so I'll wait in hope.

Many many thanks,

Sarah<img src="/sites/default/files/memberuploads/user7668/IMAG0151.jpg" width="600" height="1067" alt="" />

wristpin Tue, 04/07/2017

Welcome, but unfortunately your images have appeared as a string of code. Not sure whether that stems from your end or from an issue with the site which cropped up and was sorted last week.

Meanwhile does your machine have a roller at the back and is it red and white? If so, we know what it is .

sazzytazzy73 Tue, 04/07/2017

Thank you for the welcome and your response. Maybe the photos haven't uploaded properly as I used my mobile so I'll try on the laptop. 

Yes it does have a nice heavy roller and although now is red I noticed the previous colour was white.


sazzytazzy73 Tue, 04/07/2017


sazzytazzy73 Wed, 05/07/2017

Good morning,

What a fantastic thing to see first thing. I have searched and searched for any thing that would show the old gal how she used to be.  So in reply to you question yes that's the one.

Can I ask if the number at the top of the first page would be the model number and if I've learnt anything the 73 in the end is the year it was made? If so then she's as old as me as I was born in 73.


hortimech Wed, 05/07/2017

Yes, that is an Atco 18" SP rotary, but somebody has painted it red. The deck should be white, the engine should be matt black (the one fitted looks like it is from an Atco push rotary, same engine, different colour), the engine is an Aspera LAV35. There should also be a cover over the engine.

sazzytazzy73 Wed, 05/07/2017

I could see from the manual it is missing the engine cover and grass box I also need to get parts for the carb. I definitely know that restoring it myself is going to be to much. Could you help me with a rough estimation of its value and where is the best place to sell please ? In the meantime I'll be looking for parts and possibly change its colour back to the original.

Many thanks, 



wristpin Wed, 05/07/2017

Value, particularly with no grass box , is not a lot . At the local collective garden machinery sale a couple of weeks ago that sort of kit was not even attracting an opening bid. If you get £ 20 I would say that you've done well!