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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Front Rollers wanted, Webb 14" petrol mower

Could any member point me to a source to obtain replacement new rollers with the following  dimensions? 

External diameter    65mm

Internal diameter     17mm

Required Length      3 at 100mm,  and 2 at 50mm

Many thanks


hillsider Wed, 28/07/2010

Hello re the new rollers for your Webb mower you may try searching your area for someone who has a woodturning lathe who may be prepared to make them for you as a project in return for suitable remuneration. Hopefully other members reading this may know of an alternative source and post directions also.


Brian Latham Fri, 30/07/2010

Thanks Ray

I have now been recommended to Southport Lawnmower Museum, 01704 501336. They say they will obtain the rollers for me.


hillsider Fri, 30/07/2010


That's ok, I imagine that coming from there the rollers should be spot on if the restorations on their website are anything to go by.