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Suffolk Super Colt - oil eventually seeps out of dip stick hole

Any ideas - when using the mower oil eventually seeps out of dipstick hole when i have done a few runs up and down the grass,

could it be the piston needs new rings?? any ideas helpful, love the mower and no way i am getting rid of it.It seems to be running ok otherwise and starts first time.    

hortimech Sun, 13/08/2017

Are you using the correct oil, SAE30 ?

Are you using the correct quantity, 1/2 pint

Is the dipstick loose in the plastic filler plug ?

If it is, you can tighten it by laying the filler plug upside down on a partial open vise and then peen the hole with the ball of a ballpean hammer.

james007 Sun, 13/08/2017

Yes and yes correct oil within dipstick gauge and dip stick reasonable tension

wristpin Sun, 13/08/2017

May be worth checking the crankcase breather in the valve chest. The purpose of the breather is to maintain a slight negative pressure within the crankcase to contain the oil. If the engine is in reasonable condition it will do that but badly worn rings or valve stems will allow more blow by than it can cope with.

To service the breather remove the chest cover and you will see the breather assembly held in place by a spring compressing it against the chest floor. Remove the spring and then the components of the breather. Note the order of components, from the top down, a steel cap , a paxolin disc , alloy body and sealing washer. Give it all a thorough wash in petrol or solvent and then reassemble and refit. The paxolin disc can become worn but turning it over can help it seal.