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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Webb Witch Series 5 - Badge/Decal


Might someone in the club be able to help me obtain the badge or decal for a Webb Witch Series 5 that I have recently acquired please?

The badge/decal is missing from the round metal plate on the handles.

Thanks for any help you can offer.


Ransomes Rob

RansomesRob Mon, 09/10/2017

HI. Thanks for replies, much appreciated. I have seen pictures of Webb Witches that appear to have a metal badge with a clear cover, it was this badge i was trying to obtain. There is currently on E Bay a badge similar to that i describe but it is not in a condition that i would like.   

cwj123 Mon, 09/10/2017

All the later witches I have seen the decal in the round center.The plastic domed one for sale on ebay has its mounting lugs broken off.I do have one like that on my webb battery mower and could not mount it on my witch as there are no holes for fixing and is too small ie out of proportion to the disk on the handle center.

RansomesRob Mon, 09/10/2017

Hi cwj123. Thanks very much for the info on the badge, very much appreciated. I shall order the decal that you first suggested. Thanks again. Rob