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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Webb miniature

Hi everyone. I've jusr acquired a Webb miniature lawnmower, not sure of the date, I'm just wondering if they had grass boxes made for them, there are two prongs which the front rollers attach to, the stick up so I think a grass box slides over these but not sure. Also, the sticker on the side is pretty ugly and as I want to repaint anyway I could do with a replacement, I'll check the transfers for sale on the olc site but any advice would be grateful.

Lee Smallwood Mon, 19/03/2018

That's interesting. This one has rubber grips. .  Found the transfers. I'll go with the ones that's on the side and presume it's right. Cheers for info, 

Lee Smallwood Fri, 23/03/2018

I'm going to get a box made now as finding one is proving impossible. Would anyone who has one possibly give me some dimensions as I'd like to get it as close to possible, there is another Webb mini with a grass box on an auction site but with travel would cost well over a ton, will be cheaper to get one made, any advice would be greatly appreciated with what material, paint colour etc, I don't really want to be known as Buckingham green lee as it's what I seem to paint all my mowers in because I'm too lazy to shop around.