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Please can anyone help to identify this model of Suffolk Punch

 Hi, I recently bought this Qualcast Suffolk Punch as a restoration project to keep me out of trouble over the summer.  However, I'm no expert and haven't been able to identify exactly which model it is.  The chap I bought it from said it was a 35s, I found a manual on your site which included a 35DL which seemed very similar although when I took the pull start assembly apart the one on the machine is different to the diagram.  Would anyone be able to help to identify the model, type of engine and how old it might be?



wristpin Tue, 29/05/2018

The engine looks to be a Suffolk A98 - aluminium cylinder block 98cc. The alloy cased recoil belongs to an earlier generation of Suffolk engines. Your engine would have had a plastic cased one. As for the chassis the issue is that Suffolk / Qualcast tended to play a name game with very minor mechanical alterations year to year. Yours may be a DL or even a Super Punch...........