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Ajax MK3 Handles

Hi, just joined and as ever have a question.  Looking through mower profiles the Ajax MK 3 has two different handle styles, both the ‘crossover’ and ‘parallel’ type.  Does this represent the age of machine or were they produced with both styles?  I have a mk3 and mk5 to restore and doubtless will be asking for some much needed advice in the future. Thanks Nick

Brad Thu, 31/05/2018

Welcome NH, I am restoring a MK5 at the moment, but I have 3, 4 and 5.

The mk3 has straight handles with wooden ends, mk 4 and 5 have the cross over tubes.

Check out the downloadable parts sheets on this site it helped me and I'm still refering to them.

NM Fri, 01/06/2018

Hi Brad and Hillsider, thanks for your replies.  The profile link sorted out my question very easily.  That helps with my mk3 albeit it needs some parts and a overhaul. I’ve read through the forums for Ajaxes and presume the technical forum is where my next should  be.

hillsider Sun, 03/06/2018

I thought you would find the Ajax profile useful, re parts if you post your requirements on here we can then advise you of possible sources.