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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

AJAX MK5 Restoration

I finally have finished my MK5 restoration.

Thanks to Clive at the South downs heritage center for the spares.

Yes I know it is not standard colours, and I've kept a MK3 cylinder adjuster as I think it makes it more usable, I added wing nuts to the roller height adjuster for the same reason.

I like it and I' pretty sure my Bees will prefer it to a noisy electric mower.

Only problem is I now have parts for MK3, MK4 & MK5 in my shed!.

NM Thu, 28/06/2018

Looks good, and I agree about cylinder knurled adjusters and wing nuts. Did the wing nuts cleanup alright or have you anodised them? How did you colour raised lettering on nameplate?


Brad Thu, 28/06/2018

Cheers Nick.

The wing nuts on the cylinder adjuster are Mk3 brass ones so a little bit of wet n dry sorted them, they have a little number 4 raised on each one so maybe off an early Mk4.

The wing nuts on the roller height adjuster are just metric stainless until I can get hold of some imperial ones.

I think I will put some wing nuts on the locking bolts on the roller bar so I can remove the middle rollers a bit quicker, I'm yet to sort out either a split pin or P clip for that bar to keep the outer smaller rollers in place.

The Green is two coats of Hammerite smooth garage paint over red oxide primer.

Red is Hammerite red smooth.

Black detailing is only on the cutting height numbers Humbrol gloss black enamel model paint, and the white detailing is again humbrol model paint in gloss white on the ransomes name plate/scraper plate and on the junction that holds the handle tubes together, both done with a very small brush.

Grass box sticker is ebay Australia job as you can pick three different shades of green.

New felt for bearings was an ebay job as well £2 I think. 

Triumph66 Fri, 31/08/2018

That's a tidy job you have done there. What oil did you use to rejuvenate the wooden rollers? Danish Oil?

Brad Sun, 16/09/2018

I had a new set made from a link from the club in Oak, I think he was called Mike.

I've plenty of spares if anyone needs some.

Brad Tue, 02/10/2018

I do not see why not, there is plenty of free play.

But to be sure I would say Clive is the man to ask.