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Villiers Midget engine - pull cord hub removal.

I have removed the flywheel but can't get the cover off as the cord drum is still attached. Picture shows problem flywheel on left and one from my kickstart model on the right. I am guessing flywheels are both the same?

(Picture is enormous on my screen,  so guess I have done something wrong and won't load any more). 

There is no movement of the cord hub and I have tried knocking from inside with a drift with no success. The outer nut  turns free in the flywheel and I am guessing it is screwed into the flywheel retaining nut. Any help would be appreciated thanks.




wristpin Tue, 12/02/2019

Long while since I've done one and I'm not sure that I'm following what you've done but perhaps you should refit and tighten the flywheel and then undo the outer hex which I think may be a bolt  and possibly left hand thread.. With the flywheel correctly tightened (very tight) the out hex should undo without taking the flywheel with it (particularly if it's left hand thread!!)  In general not a good idea to attack the unknown with a hammer and drift.

Openended Wed, 13/02/2019

HI wristpin, thanks for your help, I have now got it apart. I used a piece of pipe on the spanner to get it tight enough, then turned it back very carefully and the bolt came out. It did take five tries though but the end bolt has a normal RH thread.

Now it is apart I can see that the notched pull- cord plate has a hexagonal center and has to be restrained for the nut  to be undone.  

I will have another go at uploading a photo as it might be useful to someone else.