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JAP Carb advice please

Hi, first post on here, so please be gentle!

I have recently acquired a Ransoms Reel cutter with (I think a JAP 3/4 or 5 engine).  All the parts move freely and I have a spark but as you can see, there is no carb.  From the inlet currently in situ, it appears that it used to have an AMAL 379 fitted (is that correct?).  If I am correct on the carb model, can anyone please help me with some examples of what other common engines these carbs were fitted to?  

I am looking to get this up and running for use and am hoping to find a cheap non runner with the right carb.

Thanks in advance


PS: BTW, what is the keyhole shaped hole in the casing for please?


wristpin Fri, 22/02/2019

JAP certainly used the Amal 379 in some applications but it should be born in mind that the 379 came in various bores and configurations. You might save a bit of time by making a call to Paul Child of Meetens who is the go to man for all things JAP and Villiers.