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Ransomes Anglia 12 inch Mk V - production date?

Recently a good friend of mine made a successful bid at auction for a water butt, only to find that he'd actually bought the whole "square" of garden equipment, including a Ransomes Anglia 12 inch Mk V push mower. Photos attached. He's interested to know the approximate production date, if anyone can help?

Thanks in advance,


Clive1997 Tue, 19/07/2016

Hello Steve

Welcome to the forum, roughly speaking Anglia's were produced between 1929 & 1939, from Mk 1 to 5, as this is a 5 it will no doubt be from the late 1930's.

Hope that helps.




stevecross Wed, 20/07/2016

Thanks Clive - yes that does help and I'll pass on the information. Was the Anglia well regarded? Production must have run in parallel to the Atlas.



Triumph66 Sat, 16/03/2019

Any further updates on this mower as I have just bought a 14" example but in bits! 

Clive1997 Mon, 25/03/2019


Sorry for delay in getting back, as to dating Ransomes mowers, or rather the cutting cylinders, which in the majority of cases are probably the original ones.

You need to remove paint/rust on underside of a blade to reveal a double year date stamped ie 93/94 as in the image of this Ransomes New Automaton from 1893/1894, This type of dating was still seen in the 1930's


Triumph66 Wed, 27/03/2019

Thanks Clive. I will have a look at this over the weekend. Much appreciated. Andrew