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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

US Edger

Howdy, I'd like to introduce you to my impulse purchase of an Ottcraft edge-o-matic (classic American name) lawn Edger.

When bought off ebay pictures showed a small hole in the solid rubber tyre, small repair no big deal, when arrived three weeks later it turned out to be an enormous hole around fragments of brittle plastic laying shattered in the box. Ah, could be interesting finding a tyre to fit. So bought a roughly sized plastic castor with solid rubber tyre, went to work with the Dremel, gave it a lick if paint and whalla, 

Heres the quirky little edger that isn't any good at edging and by far the most expensive mowery type thing I've bought. Good fun though.


wristpin Mon, 08/04/2019

Amazing. I wonder how many were used once before being consigned to the back of the shed ?

Lee Smallwood Mon, 08/04/2019


l'll take one when I get home and post later.

Lee Smallwood Mon, 08/04/2019

Hi guys, I've been unable to upload as wrong format, if you want me to email you a vid please text me your email address. 07930287567. Lee. I have emailed Keith a video, hopefully he may be able to put it on this forum. 

Works better than expected,  it doesn't work well on natural slate slabs as the bottom cutting knife has to be in constant contact with the floor that squeeze the bottom blade into cutting cylinder, push too hard and the two cutting edges clash as if over tightening adjusting bolts on a normal cylinder mower. I haven't got a path to try it on but if you do get to see the video you can get the idea and it does cut to some extent. If it were sharp it'll be pretty good, maybe I was a bit premature regarding it as useless without trying first.

wristpin Mon, 08/04/2019

If you look back on the forum to Hillsider’s posts re his restoration of his Ransomes edger you will see a certain similarity of cutting method  but a  somewhat more complicated way of achieving it.

gtc Tue, 09/04/2019

I've been unable to upload as wrong format,

If you don't have a YouTube channel, then maybe upload it to Vimeo (basic membership is free of charge) and post a link.