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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Suffolk Super Colt


I am new to the club and beginning restoration of a Suffolk Super Colt. Would anyone be able to advise if its possible to get a replacement delivery plate part no. L.8447. Any pointers to parts suppliers would be appreciated 

Thanks in anticipation


wristpin Mon, 06/05/2019

That part number evolved into F01608447.

Two possibilities. 

The Gateshead Lawnmower Centre who bought all the Suffolk parts stock when Bosch withdrew from the lawnmower business.

Jon Cruse at the Lawnmower Centre, Hailsham , Sussex . He specialises in obsolete stock.

gerry5961 Mon, 06/05/2019

Thank you very much for your help here 

I mistakenly posted this in the general section - I probably should have used the technical forum - I will know for the future