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groundsman question?

Hi all

          please see the picture of my grass after a cut which i was discussing with another guy. He told me i need to get a brush and comb attachment for my mower as i have flat grass in places due to lack of mowing?  May i ask what the heck is a brush and comb attachment? 

also this was not my foot or sock in the picture but my wifes!


Regards Dave


hortimech Thu, 16/05/2019

I think by 'flat grass' he meant cross runners, which some variants of grass have. I don't think I ever saw a Groundsman fitted with a grass comb, they weren't designed for lawns were this wasn't wanted. I also do not think that grass combs were very effective, if you want to see devices that are effective, go to your local golf club, find the ground staff and ask if the greensmowers have groomers fitted and if so (they probably will) can you have a look at one.

From your picture, it looks to me that you need to scarify, this rakes out all the dead grass, moss etc, just do not over do it.


wristpin Thu, 16/05/2019

I think that the post was a question for Groundsmen as in those who look after the grounds not about a lump old Atco iron ?  ( remember plugs 13amp, not bath?) RIP Ronnie & Ronnie.

Anyway on a domestic scale a spring tine rake ahead of the cutting cylinder will lift the grass so that it’s cut .

Davel831 Thu, 16/05/2019


                    Thank you that did make me laugh with regards to the fourcandles!


Antbr123 Fri, 17/05/2019


Good advice from Hortimech and Wristpin (plus his usual humour!).  Looking at your pic I would definitely scarify....but remember only scarify if there are 45 grass growing days ahead...note grass goes into a semi-dormant stage during July and Aug. It may pay to feed the grass before you scarify it to strengthen the grass recovery. A spring tine rake is great when the grass is actively growing, but during other periods of the year I use a plastic grass rake - its kinder to the grass.  Mow every other day and time permitting in 3 different directions.  This should then start to eliminate the flat grasses promoting tillering. Cut with a box reduce thatch build up.

I also suspect looking at your pic that you may need to over seed in late Aug/Sept with a grass seed mixture containing bents and fescues which are finer lawn grasses and can withstand closer mowing.These could crowd out the coarser grasses over time.



Davel831 Sat, 18/05/2019


        Thank you so much for your help i really appreciate your help and advice. I have started to use a plastic garden rake to gently rake before i cut and i will try to cut in all three directions . I will feed again in June and when it comes to August and September i will over seed with a finer grass that can succumb to a lower cut.

So my next question would be what variety of grass to seed with ?

Regards Dave 

Antbr123 Sat, 18/05/2019

Hi Dave.

Look up Hurrells Seeds on "T" Internet.  WWW.HMSEEDS.COM

They are based in Yorkshire and supply different grass seed mixtures.  I have a bag of HM.2 Premium Front Lawn and it contains the following:-

15% Valdora Slender Creeping Red Fescue

45% Maxima Strong Creeping Red Fescue

30% Trophy Chewings Fescue

5% Brooklawn Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass

5% Highland Browntop Bent.

Its a good mixture, not cheap, but you get good germination results and quick! It can withstand mowing down to 10mm height




Davel831 Sat, 18/05/2019


         will do thank you again for you help and advice


regards Dave