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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

School boy error.

I have no doubt that some of us, in the past has hastily stripped apart a mower (especially a small one) to regrind, repair or restore, and regrettably didn't take detailed photos before hand. Tut tut.

Not a problem we think, as it will be put it back together in a couple of days, I'll remember.

So I've done that very thing, for a tidy up of a little Webb Lawn Trimmer, a couple of days has turned into a couple of weeks and I've got all the nice shiny parts and not a clue how to reassemble, although willing to give it a go, I'd prefer a point of reference, so a request is going out to my mower mad friends for a couple of photos of underneath one of these little machines to help me out.


if you happen to have any I'd appreciate you sharing.  Won't be making the mistake again.

hillsider Mon, 08/07/2019

I have some shots of the underside of a Trimmer If I can load them here they may help you.


Lee Smallwood Sat, 20/07/2019

Ok, it's back together, prep and paint the body to do and it's done. Have to say it looks more interesting without the lid on it