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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Vintage mowers, mostly atco, for spares or repairs

Hello all, 

I have lots of old mowers from clearing out afamily shed. Most are atco, but also there is a Squires and some Suffolks.

None currently run so are for spares or repairs. Not all look complete. 

Do you think anyone would want them or could make use of them at all? As it would be a shame to scrap them when they are my families collection. 

I am in Lincolnshire, any help on how to find them a good home would be appreciated. 


Robyn168 Sun, 21/07/2019

I tried to upload photos last night but for some reason they didn't upload with the post. 

Robyn168 Sun, 21/07/2019

Here we go!

Got loads more, but will upload when I've got more time.