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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Ransomes Sixteen Mk1

Hello everyone,

I have a Ransomes Sixteen that is partially going through restoration. I say partially, because my garage is currently in what I call “the age of drips”.

One thing that has always puzzled me, is what is the bar that sticks out from the rear roller for? 

I thought it might have been a scraper, but there is no wear on it. Or is it just a place to put my sandwiches!

Any ideas gratefully received,


wristpin Sun, 06/01/2013

Does it not fold down to become a scraper when conditions require it?

Bill Edwards Sun, 06/01/2013

Thanks for your reply.

Yes it can be pushed down onto the roller, but it just seemed to me to be a bit of an odd thing to do. After all we don't use our lawnmowers in the wet do we?


redfernmowers Sun, 06/01/2013

ey up bill,

The roller scraper is a useful tool for large cylinder machines as the weight of the roller plus texture of it can bring up clippings and soil, there's no such thing as a completely dry lawn, so there's always going to be moisture to both the lawn and soil. this is where you find this kind of debris compiled on rotary mower decks to be cleaned to prevent damage to the chassis.

With some of the machines I've used and restored, I've set the scraper up so that there's a slight gap for roller play if it exists. also in certain situations, I set up the scraper with a sheer cut angle so that it works as a clean scraper rather than backing up on both surfaces. that's my own tweak lol.

I know groundsmen who  use scrapers on some machines and not on others, just their thing I suppose.

anyway, a nice relaxing evening. celebrating the rebirth of a flymo 2 stroke which I now have up for sale.


Bill Edwards Sun, 06/01/2013

Well i never..

I wondered if it was some part of a super-dooper contraption that my mower was missing,  now I know better. surprise Thanks for straightening the matter out.

Once the weather (and my back) improves I'll get on with the restoration, and eventually set the scraper to within a couple of mms of the roller.


Thanks to you both for your replies.


redfernmowers Mon, 07/01/2013

from remembering the feel of a ransomes 16 from a restoration project some time back, it's a 2 part assembly for the scraper. the carriage arm and the scraper dropped underneeth at a 90 degree angle or greater. the carriage bracket is a two fold product as it serves between scraper support and mounting an optional rear seat and roller assembly / stand point for a kick start element. in some cases, also a handy shoe scraper. not that I'd promote such use lol.. think of the poor paintwork lol

too many muddy boots.