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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Grassbox - Dennis care

I have enjoyed Geoffrey Brooks's article on looking after a Dennis of a certain age.  My Dad purchased a new 30" machine in 1935 and continued to use it until it became too heavy for him and I inherited it and still have it. To be truthful it's a bit like Granny's broom -(3  new handles and 5 new heads!!) because the original "dry" rear roller was shot and one of my customers was outing a non running machine of similar age that had been fitted with a "wet" roller a few years previously so my machine is now an amalgam of the two!.

Any way, I was particularly interested in Geoffrey's description of a tool for undoing the cylinder bearing housing as in my tool box there is a very substantial box spanner the outer hex of which fits the hex recess on the bearing holder exactly and I have always assumed that it was a Dennis tool.As I also have two thin, offset open ended spanners that fit the vale adjusters I think that it is likely that they all belonged to the original tool kit including the grease gun and oil can.

In his article Geoffrey mentions a  Dennis article in a previous edition of Grassbox - does anyone know the edition number?