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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Webb identification

Good afternoon,

Can somebody tell me what kind of model Webb this is:

Web Cylinder Petrol Lawn Mower | eBay

There is one up for sale and I would like some info on it. 

Does someone own one? Any issues or specifics with it?



wristpin Wed, 05/05/2021

It’s a Webb That came in either 14” or 18” width of cut. B&S engine. The one on offer has the basic single belt drive.There was also a De- Luxe with a twin belt, twin clutch drive. 

Simple basic machine . Used to see many of them through the workshop for service  and don’t recollect any particular issues. 

I don’t remember it as being as bright a green as the eBay image so perhaps that one has had a repaint.

I think that they were Series 221,232, 250

Clive1997 Wed, 05/05/2021

Not entirely sure, very similar to the 14in & 18in advertised in Webbs 1973 brochure they did 2 different models both in 14in & 18in,  De-luxe & the standard which does look like the one being advertised. Transmission was via enclosed 'V' belt & engine 2hp 108cc Briggs & Stratton. The De-luxe had a quick release on the cutting cylinder enabling removal in 4 minutes!!!

Assume this one is the standard 14in??

Never had one running so unable to comment on performance.

The other interesting thing, well to me, is that the mower is presently residing in the small town of Dursley, Glos where Edwin Beard Budding who patented the first lawn mower in 1830, is buried!!!

wristpin Wed, 05/05/2021

The De-luxe had a quick release on the cutting cylinder enabling removal in 4 minutes!!!

Its definitely a Standard with the single belt drive, an A36 if I remember correctly,  but as for being able to drop out the cylinder of either the Standard  or the De-Luxe, which was more complicated  - I don’t think so.

Wiltshireworm Fri, 07/05/2021

That is a Webb standard made in 14 & 18 inch sizes It does not have a dual drive selector, usually a push pull choke type control on the lower left side of the handles. So it is probably as old as mid1960s. that control was fitted in 69 if memory serves. certainly it was on all 1970s models.

So it is late 1960s has been painted in a similar colour to Buckingham or Ransomes green. All Webb mowers had a hammered lighter green colour at that time, almost a blue, later it got darker.

A handy serviceable belt driven model with a very good fine cut if set up properly, it has an excentric adjustment for the cutting cylinder & needs a delicate touch, but you get used to it.

Worth the price asked but not much more. I like them & have sold hundreds over the years.

Peter Hampton.   In the Garden Machinery Business since 1963, My collection exceeds 200 some are Webbs.