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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

10 tooth sprocket questions

So having bought an old Suffolk Punch for complete strip down and restoration, the first stumbling block is the 10 tooth sprocket on the clutch spindle. It looks as if it is screwed onto the spindle. Am I correct? Also the spindle seems quite loose in the bearing. Is this normal? I think it's a Series I or II.


wristpin Wed, 22/09/2021

Yes, screwed on with a conventional right hand thread.  “Shaft Loose in the bearing”  - up and down or in and out?  Up and down, not desirable , in and out, the pinion should clamp the bearing inner race between itself and a shoulder on the shaft. If it is clamped, in and out movement suggests either wear in the bearing or that the whole bearing is not clamped tight against the back of the chain case.

Series.? I believe that 2 and upwards had a pull out dog clutch on the rear roller and that series 1 had a freewheeling mechanism incorporated in the roller sprocket but am not sure exactly when that change happened as there was a 1a. 

AlexG1965 Wed, 22/09/2021

Thanks for the reply. It is up and down unfortunately. Once I get the sprocket off, I'll be able to look at the bearing condition. It has the pull out dog mechanism.