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1940's ? Atco / Villiers Midget date

Good Morning

Some 6 -7 years ago I was given a 14 inch blade ATCO fitted with a Villiers Midget Engine.

It came from Terrington, Yorkshire.

It seems to be a Mk 2, or Mk. 3 from the cylinder barrel design

Good compression non runner as the coil is Kaput i feel, not spark.

Crankcase is stamped CY. poss A, 404

Cylinder cast, looks like 2 PSA 353?

Came with the grass box, somewhat moth eaten.

Can anyone date this ?

Starter is a fitting you push with your foot, that pulls a chain around a sprocke

Undecided what to do, don't think the value is anything really, so might just refurbish as a Garden Ornament

Motorcycles ( old BMW's ) are me real interest.

Robert Freeman

March, Cambs









gtc Tue, 02/08/2016

"Starter is a fitting you push with your foot, that pulls a chain around a sprocket"

The usual method for Atco 14 inch lightweight models is that the kickstarter directly engages with a sprocket on the flywheel, like this:

Does yours have the kickstarter in the middle, like this?:

If not, some photos may help.

However, without the brass ID plate that was attached to the mower, Atcos can be difficult to date.





wristpin Tue, 02/08/2016

That method of starting sounds like a foot operated version of the hand operated one on my Easimow. In my case the pull handle is attached to one end of the chain  which then passes over a one way drive sprocket on the crank  with the other end attached to a recoil spring. Pulling the chain engages the sprocket with the crank and tensions the spring . Upon releasing the handle the sprocket free wheels while the spring withdraws the chain.

sir_chook Wed, 03/08/2016

Hi All,

From memory the CY prefixed Villiers engines were the first version of the Midget. The use of these engines on Atco mowers was on the prewar 14" lightweight and middleweight models. Atco adopted the 79cc Atco Villiers engine about 1946 for the 12" and 14" mowers.


Sir Chook