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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

2001 Suffolk punch 14s petrol - drive problems


I am a new member to the club and I have a couple of old mowers to renovate (or try to in the future!!) but I would appreciate some advice on a relative new machine,’a 2001 Suffolk punch 14s petrol cylinder mower QX system’, this is a 2 rubber belt driven-machine.

The engine seems to run perfectly- but I seem to have lost the drive completely with the roller locking up as well both forward and reverse!, - but the cutters seem to operate ok.

I did fit a new pinion drive and replaced the 2 belts but that didn’t last long so I have resigned myself to taking the roller off – which I now have done to replace the drive shaft and plastic bushes/housings which are held in with 3/16” pop rivets (I think). The carrier bearing/housing for the pinion shows some slight wear but 2 of the 3 screw shoulders of the carrier are broken off. Also the large belt pulley that turns the roller the centre is cracked too

The parts I think I need are:-


2 X roller bushes


1 X roller shaft/spindle


1 X pinion gear/drive


1 X pinion carrier and bush


1 X belt pully or centre replacement,


Any help in sourcing these items would be appreciated, also any advice or other parts that I may need your input would be most helpful.


Thanks in anticipation




PS. I did read an article on the technical forum dated-10/4/2018 from Tristan, - wristpin provided some valuable information for me and also supplied this link –…


but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be available any more.