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2nd Webb Push Model Restoration Query

Evening All, and Happy New Year.

After restoring my Dads old Webb Witch towards to back end of 2019, I decided to buy myself a Webb to have another go at (Think I'm going to stick with the manual push mowers for the time being for practice)

I was hoping someone may be able to give me some information regarding this mower compared with the WEBB Witch which I have recently done.

Both come with the straight handles rather than the cross over handles. The 2 main differences are:

On my current mower, the rear roller is smooth where as on the other model, it wasnt (What colour should the rear roller be when it is smooth?). 

Again, on this current mower, as you're looking at it head on, there doesnt appear to be a cover on the right hand side. Is this correct or am I missing a dummy cover. My last mower has 2 x covers which both had decals on. If I am missing it, can anyone point me in the direction of a replacement dummy cover please.

Any information which could be passed onto me would be gratefully appreciated.

Many thanks in advance



Lee Smallwood Fri, 03/01/2020

Hello, I presume it's a 12 inch mower, in which case it could be a Webb Wasp, not a Witch, although Wiches were made with 6 blades, I've only ever seen 8 bladed versions, plus the smooth rear roller is making it look more like a wasp, maybe Clive can clear this up further. 

Jonson Sun, 05/01/2020

Hi. I once had a Webb Wasp & it looked very much like that. Unless its a 10inch model then could be a Webb Whippet?

Osborne Sun, 05/01/2020

Hi, I have a lovely original Webb Wasp in my shed if you need any photos of a complete machine. It cuts really well!

Clive1997 Sun, 05/01/2020

It does look like a Wasp, here's one that's for sale on ebay,

I do have a surplus of Grass Boxes if you need one, I believe the Witch & Wasp boxes are inter changeable.

The Wasp had a long production run, possibly early 1930's to 1980's.

markenglish82 Mon, 06/01/2020

Evening, all


Many thanks for your replies.

Clive, the grass box I have does have a hole in it so if you are open to sellingone, please let me know. 

Osborne - any pictures that you could send me would be really appreciated.

Thanks again,