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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

35S Electronic ignition failure


Does anyone have a working one that they might like to part with, or know where I can get one?




Chris G Mon, 24/08/2020

I can't help with a used one, and I believe the OE Wipac is obsolete unless there is some old stock lying around..

Given a working 35 or 43 can be had for as little as £20 it makes the decision to fix a bit difficult. Shame really as they are good little machines.

It looks like that is the earlier 2 pole? unless you have a corresponding flywheel you cant use the cheaper 3 pole coil 

These examples are new remanufactured, Not advocating, just an example of the potential cost of new, buying used is a bit of a lottery.


Nigel N Mon, 24/08/2020

Thanks, Chris, I've already got them bookmarked but was joping for something a nit more economical. It's for my FIL and we're trying to keep the m/c running for a bit longer before it gets too much for him. We'll wait and see if one pops uo.