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43dl clutch,drive lever adjustment

Just finished adjusting the cylinder blade on the Qualcast Suffolk Punch 43dl. adjusted as per Wristpin,s instruction got a perfect cut on the paper. fired up the machine and it cuts beautifully but it has gone automatic with the drive engaged all the time,(the drive is normally engaged by lever on handle) To adjust the mower the wife and I had to lift it on to the bench as I cannot bend down due to new hip,Do you adjust the said lever at the engine end, or could we have dislodged something lifting it up and down.? surely adjusting the cutting cylinder would have nothing to do with it??



hortimech Fri, 13/05/2016

If I remember correctly, this is just a streched 14 inch Super Punch, chain drive from top shaft to lefthand side of cylinder, through the cylinder to a belt drive on the right hand side.

I suggest you remove the belt cover and examine the belt and guide. The guide should be clear of the belt (when the lever on handle is pulled) top and bottom, you may have to adjust this. You could try to adjust the cable at the lower adjuster, next to the belt. If all else fails, there is a final adjustment you can make, if you you remove the cylinder nut that retains the pulley, you will find the pulley is in two pieces. If you remove the outer half, you can widen the pulley by moving one of the thin washers (from under the nut) to be under the outer pulley half, refit the pulley half etc and then adjuster the guide and cable as required.

I am sure if you take a good look at the drive system, you will understand the above, but if not, just ask. It is a lot easier to show someone how to do this than describe.





wristpin Fri, 13/05/2016

Follow Hortimech's advice and you should crack it.

Adjusting the cylinder does alter its relationship to the rear roller and the tensioning pulley/guide mechanism - just a fraction but enough to upset the adjustment if it is on the edge but following Hortimech's instructions should sort it.  One issue that we used to come across was that the original belt had been replaced with a " nearly right" one which meant that a bit of playing with the adjustment was needed.



Gerry Norris Sat, 14/05/2016

THANKYOU for your replies Gentlemen much appreciated, will keep you updated as to cause of problem.


Gerry Norris Wed, 18/05/2016

It was as you said for adjustment the lawn mower cuts great the wife is not sure if she likes this one or the Suffolk punch dual drive. (ordered a new belt from Jon) Once again many thanks.