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4A Marquis, BSA or Villiers?

Hi, hope everyone’s enjoying brown, dried grass. Just got MK4A Marquis and I’d like to know how to tell which engine it is. Is this done by the engine number which is:  F12-02-01/31385.

Regd; No. is DQ1149, or I think the ‘Q’ is correct, might be an O but there is a slight squiggle.

Throttle cable seems too long and not sure about throttle lever either, here’s a pic.

The engine ran after a bit of ghosting and then started on pull start, which I was surprised about.

Cheers Nick


wristpin Mon, 16/07/2018


The throttle lever is an aftermarket one more often seen on older Suffolks and the cable looks a bit of a bodge. Proper cables are available from the likes of Meetens, Hailsham Mower Centre and Villiers Parts. Many, but I,m not sure all, BSA engines have BSA cast into the crankcase cover just below the crankshaft.

Paul at Meetens is possibly the man to interpret the numbers.

NM Mon, 16/07/2018

Thank you Wristpin the throttle cable kept popping out of the lever so something isn’t correct.

Chris G Mon, 16/07/2018

If in doubt, you can post the lever mech to Jon at the mower centre and he will make sure it  fits and fit it