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A98 Engine Zenith13 TCA-2 Carburettor Damping Spring

I seem to have lost the damper spring that connects on to the groove of the extended throttle shaft and then to a small bracket.

Is there supposed to be a hole in the shaft to connect a new spring to, or does the damping effect come from the friction of the spring in the groove ?

I think the part number is F016L08694 from an earlier forum post.

Thank You


Chris Damping spring




ctoneman Mon, 25/05/2020

Ok wristpin, many thanks, that stops me for searching for something that isn't there.


Many thanks Chris 

villiers98 Sun, 14/06/2020

I wondered why it was fitted,as often seem to be missing now . I suspect it was due to the vibration from this engine messing up  the idle speed or emissions ,or causing it to hunt ?

wristpin Sun, 14/06/2020

The lack of weight with the A 98 certainly allowed the machine to dance about on a hard surface. Find an old 75 or 98cc SIF iron lump and it will be a far more pleasant machine to use.