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Addiction? Only gone and bought a super colt 25a!

Hi folks :)


Well.... without purposely searching eBay for a part for my 17" super punch I came across a suffolk super colt 25a not too far away from where I live and at a low price so decided to put a small bid in... to my surprise I won! Meaning I now have 3 suffolk engined machines in my shed, 2 varying degree of repair 

So.. picked it up having been sat in the previous owners garage for 5 years or more untouched. The owner said a relative had an interest in old lawnmowers and aside from the usual things ( fuel tap, pipe and cables) needing to be changed its quite a strong and good honest example I think. 

I changed the throttle cable, throttle arm, clutch cable, suppresor cap and spark plug. Went to change the oil and found no oil * good job I didn't try and run it haha*. 

So with fresh oil, fuel pipe and fuel tap... with a few slow pulls without the lead connected to introduce fuel to the engine... listening out for the note change, lead back on the plug and a steady pull had it running! Original plug and suppressor cap didn't show a spark however a quick change showed a healthy spark so the points were good as we're the coil :). 

I let it idle and run for a few minutes and listened for any noises but sounded good. 

I also checked both side cases, the chain is a little rusty but gave it a good spray with gt85 for now and then checked the belt and found it to be falling apart. I took the belt tensioner and pulleys off and cleaned the casing and the pin the tensioner rotates on ( split pin holds it in place) it appeared a little seized all screws and bolts etc cleaned threads and gt85 applied and carefully put back together. 

The belt was glued with epoxy as the v section had peeled away just for test purposes really. With it running and warmed up it needed a few little adjustments to the governor spring setup and an adjustment to the idle and now it seems pretty good. I did manage to cut the grass with it too well... up and down 4-5 times about 50ft in total before the rear lost drive.. belt gave up haha. 

So I need a new belt... where is the best place to buy one?. 

So with the belt removed, I decided to put it back together and set it running and carefully wash the dead grass and oil etc off it and it came up well.. although. The points got wet as it quickly died despite being carefully and checking I found no.spark from the plug so.. decided to leave it to dry out and hopefully it will fine tomorrow. 

I was really happy at finally having a classic lawnmower that actually manages to cut the grass.. something the super punch failed to do from the start 

The super colt is also a little bit more manageable in my size garden too and the noise isn't quite so loud I have found..

The condition between the super colt and the super punch is kind of obvious... the super punch should have been used for spares I think which could be the reason why it is a little more difficult to get running correctly and parts are that little harder or more expensive. 

Anyone have any pictures of their super colt:) anything I should know or have any words of wisdom?. 

I'll take some pictures tomorrow

The best thing I found was.. I brought it home for just £20! 





biffa Wed, 27/04/2016

Was it previous models or model after this that had poor engines?. 

Would I be correct in thinking the 75g 25a is aluminium? 


wristpin Wed, 27/04/2016

May have spoken too soon, didn't read your post fully!

The original aluminium engine with points and an air vane governor was horrible. The later one with electronic ignition and a mechanical governor was a bit better - but not much. Give me an old cast iron block one any day - either 75 or 98cc.