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Adjusting mixture on TK FC-11E1A carb


I have a 1998 Atco Balmoral 17S, with a TK FC-11E1A carb (picture below). It's running a bit rich at the moment. Could anyone advise how to lean the mixture, please.

Many thanks, Peter.


wristpin Mon, 10/04/2017

The main jets on modern emission compliant carbs are usually fixed. You may be able to tweak it using the idle jet but that may then upset the idle. So, first  check that the air cleaner is not blocked and then check the float level, as a raised fuel level in the float chamber may well make it run rich. Also check the plug for correct type and gap; may even be worth trying a new plug. Your machine will have electronic ignition and I have seen the very occasional one that gives rich running symptoms when the module is faulty or about to fail - hope not, expensive!


wristpin Tue, 11/04/2017

That link to Central appears not to be working but I would expect the combined coil and trigger unit to be of Wipac manufacture. If you have to go that route be aware that two different systems were used, inductive and capacitive,  and the flywheels are specific to each so you cannot mix and match.