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Adjusting reel on Atco deluxe 14


Now that my Atco 4 stroke 14" Deluxe is running I was trying to adjust the reel. The adjusting screw on the left (when looking from the front) seems to have a cam action i.e. it moves the bearing housing back and forth. Is this correct or is it just a bent screw? I don't see any hole to oil the bearings.

Also if I want to backlap how is the reel turned?



wristpin Tue, 03/05/2016

Turning the screw should move the bearing holder up and down in a reasonably straight path but there will be a little slop in the slides. Try removing the screw, check that it isn't bent and grind a slight taper on the end so as to create a centre point - no sharper than the end of a twist drill.. If you get that right it will remove the tendency of the screw to move the bearing holder sideways..

The original bearings would have been RLS4s with Atco's plastic and steel seals packed with grease on assembly and at service. No provision for oiling. If you wish, you can replace them with sealed bearings, RLS4.2RS.

If you wish to backlap, and remember that back lapping is a process to maintain  sharp blades, not to recover blunt ones, remove the drive chain and use a socket or homemade adaptor on the sprocket.

Just a point of order!  It is accepted convention when referring to left and right on pedestrian controlled garden machinery to do so from the operators position. Not relevant to your question but may avoid confusion in the future.