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Ajax MK3 Roller spindle bearings

Hi, has anyone any information on the rear roller spindle bearings for a Ajax mk3 please. Part no. LK 35. Are they phosphor bronze and what is the best way to remove the non-gear one. Is a very tiny puller the answer. The gear end I presume will press out.

Thanks Nick


wristpin Sun, 03/06/2018

I’m not familiar with the set up but from what you say I deduce that the bush is in a blind hole. There are pullers with expanding outward facing jaws but there needs to be a slight gap between the end of the bush and the back of the housing for the jaws to expand into.

Back in the days when cars had plain bush clutch spigot bearings the accepted method of  removal  of bushes was to hydraulic them out. To do this a close fitting plunger was needed , the bush filled with heavy grease, the plunger positioned at the entrance to the bush and given a sharp hit with a hammer. The force generated by the compressed grease would then drive the bush out.

NM Sun, 03/06/2018

Hi Wristpin, thanks for your reply.  Here’s a photo of said bearing, and there is a gap between the end of the bush and housing, it’s about 5/16. This could be fun to remove, I could end up covered in grease when the hammer’s deployed.

I have pressed out the bush in the gear housing end.

Cheers Nick.

wristpin Sun, 03/06/2018

I could end up covered in grease when the hammer’s deployed.

Has been known!

The plunger needs to be a good fit but it does work. On clutches, we would usually have an old gearbox first motion shaft or two around for the job.

Otherwise, you will need something like this to get in behind the bush. The other alternative is some careful work with a piece of hacksaw blade or a Dremel multi-tool.


NM Tue, 05/06/2018

Thanks Wristpin, I went the hacksaw route as I don’t expect to do this too often, it was a bit fiddly but it’s out and now I need two replacements.

Thanks Nick