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Ajax Mk5 bearing restoration, gear housing polish or paint

Just took the cylinder bearings off and while the sealed one feels pretty good, the one with the collar not so great. I cant see why both are not the same as the collar is a loose fit and would only use the bearing under pressure. What's the best way to go about cleaning these, or should I be looking for a replacement?

I've also added a photo of the gear housing, I had to lightly grind the years of deep scratches out to prepare for painting silver, but wonder if I should carry on with a full polish? Would it make a common mower any more desirable?


Antbr123 Wed, 13/11/2019

As the belief goes - "Magpies are always attracted to things bright and shiny".

Be aware that it will not stay in that condition for ever due to oxidation and therefore you may want to  consider some sort of surface treatment after polishing.  Again, its personal preference whether you want to go that far, and probably most people don't, but some options are waxing regularly or a light spray with some lacquer. Waxing would be my preference, if I could be bothered to regularly get the mower out to polish it.  Unfortunately I have other pressing needs of my time and too many mowers to really consider this as a viable option.

Due to the commonality of the mower, its not really going to add much (if any value) but as they say in Yorkshire..."there's nowt so queer as folk" and "fools and their money are soon parted" you may attract a magpie should you sell in the future.


Warpa Wed, 13/11/2019

Thanks for the reply, I understand polishing will be overkill and I'm just finishing final sanding the cylinder. All will be ready for paint then. As its winter and I have time I'll see how I feel regarding polishing.

All I'm concerned about now are the bearings. This has been a nut and bolt restoration and I want it right and future proof.