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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Ajax Mk5 Grass box and handles restore.

After very helpful responses to my last post, I'd be grateful for some opinions on this.

The handles have most of their paint though there are many small areas of rust and paint bubbling.

The grass box has paint but large areas are surface rust, mainly the inside and lower front/underside The decal would need replaced.

I'm undecided on taking the handles and grass box back to bare metal and painting since the main body of the mower is being restored/painted.

Or treating the areas of surface rust with a rust remover (Bilt Hamber Deox Gel- Very good), keying all surfaces, priming then painting.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. 



cwj123 Mon, 04/09/2017

The handles are tubes and are easy to rub down to smooth prior to painting.The grassbox is not easy.I find the inside is the most hassle.I use primer/filler rubbed down to smooth to get finish I want.Spraying the inside takes time and a lot of spray comes out via back draught.The time taken to get it perfect will reflect on the finished box.

JT992 Wed, 06/09/2017

Thanks for the reply. 

I presumed the grass box would be the most tricky to get right. 

Right now everything's at a halt as Im trying to get the roller gear off. Im going to use a puller since any careful leverage ends up flexing the aluminum and nothing else. The other gears came off no problem.

Thanks again.



wristpin Wed, 06/09/2017

If your puller is pulling on the outside of the rim the same danger applies. Suggest applying some heat around the hub area.

JT992 Wed, 06/09/2017

The gear has eight or so holes (spokes) close the shaft (Excuse the incorrect term). so I'll be using the 3 legged puller from there.

The flexing was on the Aluminium side castings rather than the gear itself. Unfortunately I don't have access to a heat source though I understand the benefits.


Edit: Gear Puller couldn't be positioned correctly. I should be getting hold of a gas torch to gently heat the hub area. Will update.