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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Allen scythe

Hello all. 

Around the corner from me is this. Always fancied an allen scythe for my collection, but not sure on the model. I like the smaller round tank and would prefer an early one, but not sure what model I should be looking for. Info and advice welcome. Lee



wristpin Sun, 29/12/2019

Great machines - just so long as you’re not the one  expected to do a day’s work with one !

Lee Smallwood Mon, 30/12/2019

Hi Angus, 

Doesn't look the easiest of machines to hang on too,  but then again, I was watching someone using an Atco Standard recently, didn't look like he was having the best of times. 

Have you seen another with this style if tank?  Something alien about it, can't decide if it's worthy of a few poundage.