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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Allen Scythe throttle cable run

A thought occurred to me yesterday while trying not to trip over the thing in the shed.

The throttle cable runs into the tubular handle through a small hole about a foot from the open top end, runs right down the handle, and emerges again towards the bottom through another small hole.

How the flip did they get it down the one hole and out the other? Was there a special tool? An employee with extra-long fingers, and production ceased when he retired?  Or am I missing the blindingly bleedin-obvious again?


wristpin Sat, 11/09/2021

Perhaps the cable was installed before that handle bar was fitted allowing a bit of access  from the bottom. 

DJD Sat, 11/09/2021

Put in at factory before handles were joined to rest, otherwise a piece of stiff wire as a hook when a replacement was needed?

Adrian Mon, 13/09/2021

That's an interesting thought. Maybe there'll be a Scythe at the meet to have a look at? I think the hole at the bottom end is further from that end of the handle than the one at the other end, but I'm sure access would have been easier on the bench before the handle was put on. My money is on it being fed up the handle from the bottom and a crochet hook arrangement used to snag the nipple and pull it through the hole. It seems a bit complicated but I guess it makes sense if you have  a machine designed to munch its way through minor-league jungle to have the cable as protected from snagging as possible.