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Amal 379

Hi .

Just a quick question is there a easy way to remove the throttle cable and needle 

Carb is fitted to a F12 Sloper engine.


Many Thanks.


Supergrass Sun, 04/03/2018

yes its very easy, un screw the top and lift out the air valve and needle,Then compress the spring and unhook the cable .Be sure to fit the sliding valve the right way around on reassembly .  

wristpin Mon, 05/03/2018

The job is made easier by creating as much slack in the cable as possible by releasing it from the throttle lever. That way you are not fighting the spring to release it from the slide.

When fitting the new cable do a dry run without the needle or spring in place to check that the nipple is an easy fit in the recess  the slide - some of the nipples on currently available cables are a bit oversize and it’s easier to deal with it then rather than on final assembly.

Motivator Mon, 05/03/2018

Thanks for your replies. Got it off nice and easy . Taking the cable off the lever made it 

very simple.