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Atco 1454/5 Restoration - Canada

Hello All,

I'm new to the site. My intention is to restore this mower (Atco 1454/5) and would like some advice on where to start.

First things first, I want to perform a run test and I have a few questions;

1) What mix ratio do these Villers 2 stroke engines take (Can't seem to locate this info in the old manual), I'm used to Stihl engines which are 40-50 to 1?

2) Atco stock paint (love the green colour) and decals, I need to source, so any advice would be appreciated.

Any other advice on restoration would be wonderful.




wristpin Thu, 06/05/2021

Nice to see a machine of that age with the high cut wheels - do you have the standard cut front roller ?

The mixture, when you get to that stage, will be 16:1. In the day, the oil would have been a standard non detergent SAE30 engine oil . It’s an ongoing debate whether modern two stroke mixing oil is advisable . My view is “ Old Oil for Old engines” but some thing like like Miller’s Vintage Motorcycle Mixing oil , may be a good compromise.

However before you worry about mixture remove the plug and squirt in some  thin oil or even diesel and very gently see if the engine will move. If it’s stuck, add more lube and leave it a couple of days before trying again - just rocking the crank a little in each direction.

Once free, check for a spark. Experience would suggest that you will be lucky to have one as the old coils are subject to internal corrosion. Another job for another day!

longhair Fri, 07/05/2021

Thanks for the reply;

Bought from a farm auction north of Toronto with the byline saying it runs!

Turning crank is quit easy an it exhibits definitely some compression; Gas tank is clean as a whistle.

Thanks for the ratio info


villiers98 Fri, 28/05/2021

As Wristpin  said the oil would have been SAE 30. Atco specified 3/4 pint oil to 2 gallons petrol ( 21:1) with the advice that once well run in the amount of oil could be reduced slightly . As these have plain mains and no oil seals on crank don't go too far.

I ve used basic mineral 2 stroke oil as there is ( slightly ) less smoke and less carboning up.

Not sure about exact colour - is there any unfaded paint to match under the chain cover?