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Atco B30 Spares

A new member of the club who has limited access to the forum has asked me if I know of any member with spares for an Atco B30.

Apparently the rear roller is rather worse for wear, the deflector plate is too badly corroded to mend, and there is no grass box. Can anyone help with these spares?

In addition, I am told that the mower will not start even though there is a spark. He has tried using an "easy start" spray but with no luck. I realise that there are many potential causes of non-starting but is there anything specific to this machine that might be worth checking first?



DJD Fri, 26/03/2021

Not really specific to that model I admit, but if compression is poor it could well be an exhaust valve stuck open, very common on old machinery that's lain unused. I have nothing for the B30 that I know of.

Greener Sat, 22/05/2021

Hi yes I agree compression is very often the cause, may want to check the position rings or barrel 

I have just started on a b30 and there are some bits on eBay and I'm sure I saw a rear roller last night