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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Atco B30E


I have purchased a working Atco B30E, 1997 bought on a whim with thoughts of a Saturday morning job that I had approx 55 years ago, riding a green ride on mower which was treasured by its owner. Polished to the hilt, oiled and nurtured. Whilst this is a much more modern  beast it will suffice for me to cut my teeth on.

So here starts the journey. I’m trying to source a copy of workshop manual, ? The mower cuts well, runs fairly well, but needs tlc. Already snapped a chain etc. With the help of a manual and hopefully my new found kindred spirits I will take my first tentative steps at the end of the season into an overhaul, refurb. As someone who was bought up in the age of nuts and bolts I could fumble my way through, but a book of words is always a comfort. Also looking to source spares obviously.

All and any help would be welcomed.


wristpin Mon, 11/06/2018


Other than the operator’s manual supplied with the machine, Atco were not in the habit of supplying workshop manuals. However the engine manufacturers usually produced both parts and workshop manuals - we just need to know what make of engine is fitted to your machine. Even better, let’s have some nice clear images of the machine, taken from different angles.