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ATCO Balmoral 17SE


I'm new here and was hoping i may get some advice/help. I managed to pick up a ATCO Balmoral 17SE off someone which has been dry stored for past 10 + years i was told. I have stripped down the body work and cleaned it and so far it has come up great! I have then drained any fuel, oil and serviced it (New oil, spark plug, filter + fuel plus new battery). I also replaced the fuel line from the tank to the carb with a new pipe and inline fuel filter. I then put a tiny bit of light oil in the cylinder and pulled it over with spark plug removed just to make sure piston was running smoothly and had some lubrication because of being sat for some long, all okay so far!

Now my problem lies when i tried to start it, it turns over well with both the starter key and pull cord and it has a strong spark, but doesn't fire up. If you poor a little fuel in the cylinder it will run until its burnt off ( a few seconds and then dies).

I have checked the carburetor bowl and it is full of fuel so seem to be getting from the tank to the carb but no further?

Does anyone have any advice as to my next steps? I'm guessing cleaning the carb but just wanted to check as don't have much experience with this particular machine. 

Thank you in advance!



hortimech Fri, 10/03/2017

It does sound like the carb is blocked, problem is you might not be able to clean it by just stripping it and blowing it out with an airline. You might have to give it a bath in an ultrasonic cleaning bath.


Howie Fri, 10/03/2017

Hi, thank you for the reply, do you know of anywhere you can send a carb to be ultrasonically cleaned?