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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Atco Balmoral 20SE

I'm new to the site and the forums. I help run a Cricket Club and do some repairs on the mowers. We have 3 of the Atco Balmoral 20SE's and all of them have the strengthening plate on the side around the drive shaft but even with this the rear rollers still lock up quite frequently. This mainly happens when we are pulling and pushing them around in the garage or before we start mowing. What ever we do ie replacing the drive shaft and the ring gear they still lock up which is annoying and leads to damage.

Has anybody got a cure for this locking up ? Could it help if we welded the two rear rollers together ? I have seen mention on this site of two strengthening plates and a tie bar but i cannot find details of these? 

Hope someone has a cure because apart from this they are useful mowers.


wristpin Tue, 31/05/2016

There were a couple of service bulletins and modifications which, in domestic use, cured most of the issues. I will dig out the bulletins, scan them and post them on the forum. One area to look at is that there is minimal wear/movement in the roller bearings ensuring that there is minimal backlash between the drive pinion and ring gear.……

Lightning Wed, 01/06/2016

Very helpful. I think i will look at the bearings on the rollers next and at the same time see if any of the strengthening plates have been fitted. I don't remember seeing them before.

Thanks for the info.