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Atco bearing lubrication

I'm renovating a 1957 14" atco. Everything has been heavily greased so I'm cleaning everything. I assume the bearings wouldn't have been greased? They have oil points so I guess they are just oiled.

However, as it wont get lots of use, would I be better off packing them with grease rather than remembering to oil all the time? Or is there a reason they aren't greased?



wristpin Thu, 28/05/2020

Grease tends to dry out and go “ claggy”.  SAE 30 or 40 oil is preferable . If you do decide to wash out the bearings and then re-pack them , only pack around about two thirds of the race diameter. If Bearings are over packed there is a tendency for the balls to skid round rather than roll as intended.

Graemevw Thu, 28/05/2020

Many thanks. I think I'll go with oil and see how it goes.

The grease a previous owner had used has just turned it into a filthy mess, although they did use waaaay too much!

It at least stopped the thing from rusting so bad!