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Atco carb, oh dear.....

Good evening all. 


Had a few issues starting my mower last week so decided to strip the carb. Unfortunately when I put it back together the nut broke from the fuel tap elbow. I can find plenty of fuel tap elbows but none that have a diameter of 9/16.


Does anyone have a spare or an idea of where something similar can be purchased. Villiers parts don't have any and haven't had a response from meetens yet.

If not what other types of carb could I get as a replacement? Or what is this model of carb named so that I can target my search a little better.? 


wristpin Fri, 08/06/2018

Hopefully, Paul at Meetens will get back to you.  I'm not entirely sure about what has happened to your carb; has the threaded spigot on the banjo sheared off? if so, a visit to a local model engineering club may pay dividends; there's a huge reservoir of experience and talent in such clubs and someone may relish a challenge.

dunnes2002 Mon, 11/06/2018

Unfortunately still no response from Paul, but I have had a response from our friend Keith who has a spare. You are correct that the threaded spigot sheared off under tightening, will ensure I'm very carful with the next one, can't be too many left!!


Thanks again


dunnes2002 Mon, 22/10/2018

All hope of finding a spare has all but vanished. None have appeared on eBay. I have so tied lots of spare parts from farm machinery websites etc no. Luck. 

Paul was very helpful Nd sent me a few bits to try but none fit. 


So to get the old girl back up and running I need another carb. Are there any in particular that I should look out for? 


I have seen a v508c carb that looks about right, would that work?


Chris G Thu, 25/10/2018

As a shot to nothing... I could take a look at braising the broken one if you have all the bits.

dunnes2002 Fri, 26/10/2018

Hi Chris,

That would be fantastic, I will try anything. Picture of elbow tap. What's braising by the way? 

The nut has split quite cleanly, but is quite thin. 

Let me know your address and I will get it sent off



Chris G Fri, 26/10/2018

Hi Mike, braising is what Delia does best, but I will have a crack at it  :-)

Brazing I should have said is gas welding basically using a filler metal, it does depend on what metal is being jointed but its definitely worth a look.

I will message you.




NM Fri, 26/10/2018

Hi, it is difficult to see exactly what has broken. Has  nut number 1 come away from nut number 2 because number 1 looks like a lock nut and number 2 a compression/union nut.

dunnes2002 Thu, 01/11/2018

Yes piece number 2 has sheared off number 1. The nut split about 25% remaining connected to the fuel tap elbow? I believe that's what it's called!


Unfortunately I have misplaced piece number 2 so I am back at square 1 looking for a replacement carb. Any recommendations? 

Clive1997 Fri, 02/11/2018

I was hopeful as this ones on a 1930's Atco I may be breaking, but now see its a bit different, will check on others I have.



dunnes2002 Mon, 05/11/2018

They all look very similar, one of the reasons I thought I'd ask the forum. I may have to purchase a few different types and sell them on if they don't fit/ work.

That's the last option though. Hopefully I/we can work something out before that.

I'll start by searching the garage for a fourth time to see if I can find the rest of the nut! 


Thanks for your help