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Atco chain


Does anyone have a source for drive chain. I need a split link for an Atco 1/2 inch pitch chain. The chain was made by The Coventry Chain Co Ltd. Modern links won’t fit. Thanks


wristpin Sat, 03/10/2020

Can you be a bit more specific ? You say 1/2” pitch but I’m guessing  that it may be the pin size that’s the issue,  but the dimensions of the chain and link that you need will be useful.

olcadmin Sun, 04/10/2020

If it's for a Standard (or most other pre 1939 Atco models) then it's going to be 1/2" x 3/16" or 1/2" x 5/16". The pin size is the likely problem. I had the same issue when rechaining at Atco Standard a few years ago. The older chains had a smaller pin size than the current/modern BS equivalent so they are not interchangeable. This seems odd as all the other important dimensions were the same (or close enough). If you can't scavenge a replacement link from a scrap machine, rather than waste a lot of time it might be easier to simply swap out the whole chain for a new one.

wristpin Sun, 04/10/2020

I first encountered the pin problem in the late 80s / early 90s when the bulk rolls of chain supplied by our regular factor were  of chain made in India or Poland. I believe that even chain branded Reynold is now made abroad. In a commercial situation we got round the problem by ordering a good supply of connecting and cranked links with each roll of chain and keeping them together in the stores. That just left the Saturday morning customer with an oily newspaper wrapped chain to sort out!

I believe that a while back the OP  was working on a Villiers engined Atco Groundsman  so he  could be looking for a fairly heavy duty link - it’s up to him to give us a bit more information.