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Atco club cutting cylinder removal

Hi there,

Ive recently purchased an Atco Club that I’m trying to get back to full working order but I’ve hit a stumbling block. I’ve removed all the drive chains etc but the sprocket assembly on the end the cutting cylinder shaft will not slide off. There is something stopping it. If anyone can help I’d be most grateful as I need to remove the cylinder so I can get it sharpened.

Thanks in advance



wristpin Sun, 03/03/2019

That hexagon is a splined sleeve that is a push fit onto the cutting cylinder shaft . It pulls off but if the machine has had a hard time - or worse someone has put a bg socket or ring spanner onto it and tried to undo it it may be twisted and reluctant to come off.

Remove all the chains and get behind the double sprocket (as far into the centre as possible ) with two large tyre levers or pry bars and exercise controlled even leverage and hopefully it will come off . Failing that a two or three leg puller but it will be necessary to protect the thread in the end of the cutting cylinder spindle from damage by the pullers centre bolt .

Try not to damage or distort the double sprocket ; I think that they are still available but at an eye watering price. it may just be the image but the teeth on that sprocket look fairly worn. 

If you are really up against it, leave it as is and find a local firm that does in-situ grinding  where the cylinder is ground while still in the chassis but that relies on the bearings being good.

woollyhayles Fri, 08/03/2019

Hi there,

Are you able to advise the size / model of the bearings I need for the cutting cylinder? There seems to be lots of web sites selling them but I'm unsure of which part number I need?

The shaft on the cutting cylinder is approx Ø15.75mm if that helps.



wristpin Fri, 08/03/2019

Bear in mind that your machine is built to imperial standards, not metric. So best not to convert shaft sizes and bearing etc to mm.

The cutting cylinder shaft is 5/8” and runs in RLS 5 2RS bearings or another brands equivalent. The Atco part number is F016L13298 but if you quote that RL number to your local bearing factor they will be able to match it for a fraction of the price.

If you look carefully you will find that most bearings have a part number etched into the side of the races or moulded into the rubber seal.